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Welcome to Colours4climate

We are launching Colours4climate in August 2021, (from our homes in Cumbria, England!) not as a new voice, but as a new visibility across the climate action movement. While other outstanding organisations and individuals deal with the spine - the science and the direct action for climate change - we hope to help uncover the massive support for climate action that has not visually shown itself in every-day life yet., and set in motion many journeys. We will maintain a common step for all, with colour and culture, where great and small can just stand the same height.

Social-change research suggests that, with around 3.5% of the population actively engaged in protest action, significant change is possible. So no-one should be defeatist, and feel swamped. Just be part of the 3.5%. We don't need everybody, just you. You and others pulling in the same direction, a visible direction.

Cultural change is a well known driver in achieving political change. So in climate action, the science needs its growing culture, and the culture needs the science. We hope you soak up both.

Perhaps we don't need to labour the three goals and the three actions that Colours4climate has set for you and us. Perhaps the central aim right now (and we aim to evolve with you!) is to become visible for climate change where we are as yet invisible. This is visibility in every-day life and from all the climate-concerned.

Wear the Blue-Planet's colour. The colour is BLUE - as a band of fabric round your wrist or pinned to a jacket, whenever you can. Do it for yourself, a personal vow to evolve with your effort, in support of climate action now, and be happy with your effort. Later, look up and see who else is with you. Likely the blue-planet itself will be. Colours4climate will for certain.

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