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     In the new climate wars the fossil fuel polluters love to 'divide & rule'. Don't allow it. Become VISIBLE AND UNITED IN CLIMATE CONCERN, by wearing a self-made blue wrist band, the Blue Planet's colour. Start from unity and keep it, whatever your journey ahead. 

     The unity in this simple action is a shared step, from the greatest climate activist to one making their smallest first effort. SPREAD THE IDEA. It's global unity in action.

     ...become visible today for climate action, right where you are, in your every-day life.

Wear The Blue Planet's colour. The colour is BLUE. Wear it as a SELF-MADE band of fabric around your wrist, or pinned to a jacket, whenever you can. (Cut a band from a blue sock and make your own! We estimate 10-20 wrist bands from a sock. Just double it over your wrist if needed!) 

When you wear the Blue-Planet's colour, you personally vow, life-long, to stand up for the world and the life in it by supporting climate action. You vow to learn on your journey and contribute and NEVER give in.

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We have content to promote climate culture. See The Corners and contribute if you want. 


Above all, wear the Blue-Planet's colour. The colour is BLUE.

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For evil to triumph, it's only necessary for good people to do nothing,

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